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Loyola Marymount University's URS 14

Art direction, logo design, and campaign work for LMU's 14th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Challenge: Establish branding & identity that embodies this year's themes: converging experiences, different disciplines, and reunion. Produce a mark that is a hybrid of the metaphorical and numerical meaning "14."

My initial logo exploration was mainly comprised of interesting abstract shapes and iconography. As time progressed--and with the help of my two teammates--I landed on a geometric, 3D-plane shape. It was difficult to try to find a way to wrap the number 14 around the shape, so I began to explore the Roman numeric system. 

Eventually, I realized there was a way for the numerals to take the original shape on their own.

brand guide-03.jpg

Logo Design

brand guide-01.jpg
brand guide-02.jpg
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