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As a woman of color, you learn that the world is destined to see you a certain way. Though there are societal stereotypes and expectations of me, I can only be myself. I have to live my own truth. 


Identity is something that is unique to the individual. While they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it is the face that truly makes you, you. I believe The human face has the capability to reveal the most genuine truths. I enjoy drawing portraits because they expose the true essence of a person. Everyone should be seen the way they want to be seen; I feel it is my duty to capture the beauty that resides within us. 


My portraits are drawn digitally from photographs. In my recent works, I have been highlighting women of color. In a world that praises Eurocentric features and attributes, I pick my subjects to further address the lack of representation.


There is something captivating about the differences between people. Because of social media, our perceptions of beauty have been twisted. Representation of “the other” is something that has been lacking in every aspect of modern entertainment, and it’s time for a change. 


I hope to change “other” into “all.”

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