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2022 Effie Collegiate
Submission -
Tequila Aviòn

Branding & identity for the 2022 Effie Collegiate x Pernod Ricard Brand Challange. Read the manifesto below:

In a world that is primarily driven by short-lived trends and fads, it’s difficult to spot authenticity. Life’s value is measured by the digital versions of ourselves instead of who we really are, and even the smallest things appear out of reach.

We believe in ditching that dream that everyone is constantly trying to sell you. Instead, we believe in uplifting and connecting the real writers, the actors, the designers, the artists, the real creatives. The ones who fight to get the top. The ones who aren’t afraid to be different. The ones who crave quality over quantity. The ones who’d choose experiences over possessions. The ones who inspire us to elevate our daily lives. Avion is for the real ones.

It’s the feeling of being at the top, and the view is amazing.

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